Dentist in Ashburn, VA

Mina Armanious, DDS

Dr. Mina Armanious has always had a passion for dentistry. He’s been practicing and helping others achieve a healthy and beautiful smile for over 10 years. Dr. Mina received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Minnesota as well as Cairo University. His continuous love for learning has only grown over the years as he has fully invested his attention in modern and digital dentistry. Dr. Mina believes that technology is the future and that investing in the latest dental technology will provide amazing benefits for his patients. To Dr. Mina, dentistry should be a customized experience for each patient, and he takes great care in creating unique and individual dentistry plans with his patients.

In addition to his passion for dentistry, Dr. Mina loves spending time with his family and traveling. He loves experiencing different cultures and being exposed to different languages. If he could, he would learn every language out there! He also likes playing soccer and swimming with his daughter, Sophia.

Smile at Ashburn Dental is a family-owned business that is designed by Dr. Mina and his wife.

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