Say goodbye to uncomfortable traditional dental impressions and welcome the era of precise digital scanning with an iTero® digital scanner. At Smile at Ashburn Dental, we are proud to utilize this state-of-the-art technology to enhance your dental experience.

What is an iTero Digital Scanner?

The iTero digital scanner is a revolutionary tool that replaces the need for traditional dental impressions. It utilizes advanced imaging technology to capture highly detailed 3D digital scans of your teeth and gums. By creating a virtual replica of your mouth, the scanner provides accurate and comprehensive data for diagnosis, treatment planning and the creation of custom restorations.

What to Expect

During your visit to Smile at Ashburn Dental, you can expect a comfortable and efficient experience with the iTero scanner. Instead of messy impressions, a small wand will be used to scan your teeth, creating a real-time digital model on the computer screen. The process is quick, painless and provides immediate results, allowing our dental professionals to visualize your oral structures with exceptional precision.

Benefits of the iTero Digital Scanning in Ashburn, Virginia

  • Enhanced Comfort: The iTero scanner eliminates the need for traditional impression materials, offering a more comfortable and pleasant experience for patients, especially those with gag reflexes or sensitivity.
  • Improved Accuracy: The high-resolution digital scans captured by the iTero scanner provide unparalleled accuracy, resulting in precise treatment planning and better-fitting restorations.
  • Efficient Workflow: Digital scans are instantly available, reducing the time required for the fabrication of dental restorations and eliminating the need for manual impressions and shipping.
  • Interactive Treatment Planning: With the virtual model generated by the iTero scanner, you can actively participate in the treatment planning process, visualizing potential outcomes and discussing personalized treatment options.
  • Seamless Integration: The digital scans can be easily shared with other dental professionals, laboratories, or specialists involved in your care, ensuring seamless collaboration for comprehensive treatment.

Enjoy a Comfortable Dental Visit Today!

Experience the ease of dental Impressions with a visit to Smile at Ashburn Dental. Schedule a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Mina Armanious, today at 703-239-7575 and witness the precision, comfort and convenience offered by the iTero digital scanner. Trust in our commitment to delivering exceptional dental care using the latest technological advancements to provide you with a confident and healthy smile.

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